OOTD: Eyelets and Gardens

ootd1top: August Silk¬†[$13] // chino shorts: Gap¬†[$15]ootd2spiked bracelet: Groopdealz [$5] // beaded tassel bracelet: Nordstrom [$18]ootd3top ring: grandmas wedding ring passed down to me [priceless] // heart ring: Groopdealz [$1.95]ootd6dividerI think I dressed appropriately for another fun day of St. Louis adventures with none other than Mike. Every once in awhile, on a day off, we get lucky and the St. Louis heat and humidity subsides and leaves us with 80 degree weather, sunshine, a nice breeze, and zero stickiness. We started our morning off in the Loop to sell some of Mike’s clothes at Avalon and grab a coffee. Then we made our way to The Hill for lunch and my first ever gelato!thehillIf you’re ever in The Hill, stop by Amighetti’s for sandwiches and try to sit on the patio — so nice.gelatoRight across the street was this little gem. Mike got lemon and I opted for salted caramel. So. Good.yumAfter we were full of bread and gelato, we headed to one of our favorite spots, the Missouri Botanical Garden. It just so happened to be Mr. Henry Shaw’s birthday. That meant free admission to stroll the beautiful gardens and snap tons of photos.mobot1mobot2mylovemobot4mobot5This is very quickly becoming my absolute favorite place not only in St. Louis, but maybe anywhere. I can’t wait to see it in the fall!

hunk:)instagramMike pulled a Kelsey and took a secret shot of me. I’m proud, babe.

I hope you all find days like these where everything is just…perfect. Have a great day!the kwb

OOTD: Sushi & Gatsby Date Night

sushiandgatsbyHappy hump day, all! You’re halfway through the week — congratulations! I started my new summer internship this week, so I thought I’d share with you all my outfit from over the weekend to make up for how busy I’ve been since Monday. Mike and I had a wonderful date night on Saturday at our favorite sushi spot here in St. Louis, and then we ended the evening with the movie I’ve been anticipating for months: The Great Gatsby! If you haven’t seen it yet, you must! It was so good, and not to ¬†mention how beautiful Leo was…swooning. Ok, ok, enough drooling. On to the date night outfit! Continue reading

OOTD: Striped Shift & Luichiny Wedges

ootdtripedshiftluichinywedgesLook at those wedges! It’s taken me awhile with school and work, but I’m finally blogging about my gorgeous Luichiny wedges I received during Saint Louis Fashion Week! I’ve blogged about the bulk of the goodies I received that weekend, but I was waiting for the perfect spring-like weather to bust these bad boys out. Shop their expansive shoe collection and follow them on Twitter if you’re a real shoe addict like me ;) Now, time for the outfit!

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OOTD: Pearls, Polka Dots & Neon


Happy hump day, everyone! I’m so excited that school is over (minus a pesky online HTML class) and that summer is finally here! St. Louis was having some funky weather this past weekend, but luckily its realized that it is in fact May and has warmed back up. The sunshine and blue skies inspired me to throw on a neon shirt, put on a flouncy skirt, and, hey, while I was at it, why not some pearls? You can never go wrong with pearls. So, I’m going to finish up that HTML class and finally throw in the towel from all things school related. Happy summer to you all and if you’re stressing through finals — good luck! :)

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