My Game Day Look Featuring Majestical Jewelry

Hallelujah baseball is back! Days at the ballpark mean peanuts, hotdogs, beer, and usually some picture-taking, right? With photos in mind I try veer away from just shorts and a t-shirt (unless it’s mid-July and 104 with humidity…). Here is my ultimate game day look and essentials for a day at Busch Stadium, aka baseball heaven for all you non-Cardinals fans ;)

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OOTD: London Times Wedding Look

Mike and I went to our first wedding of the season..and our first wedding together last Friday. I absolutely adore weddings, to the point of obsession. The bride looked beautiful and the wedding went perfectly. As I was thinking about what to wear to the wedding, I immediately thought of my London Times dress I received during Saint Louis Fashion Week. I was waiting for the just the right occasion to wear it and this dress just screams wedding! Here’s a look at how I styled my dress.London Times Wedding Look
weddinglooklondontimesdressstlfwWhen I got my beautiful dress!
What would/have you worn to a wedding this season?
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