Wednesday Wants [Part Three: Spring Dresses]


1. Striped Oxford Shirtdress | 2. Sleeveless Striped Dress | 3. Chevron Stripe Maxi | 4. Color Block Striped Shift | 5. Jersey  Stretch Tee Dress

Ever since I was a little girl, my absolute favorite place to go spring clothes shopping has been Old Navy. They really never disappoint when it comes to springtime essentials. Since I’ve kind of dubbed this week ‘the week of  spring dresses,’ I put together a few of my favorite Old Navy spring dresses to shop this season…and if you can’t tell, I REALLY love stripes.

Wednesday Wants [part one] | Wednesday Wants [part two: Spring Break Edition]

I am in no way being compensated by Old Navy for this post. I simply love the store and wanted to share these dresses with my readers.



Free Holiday Wallpapers for You!

Click the image to enlarge.

the_kelsey_wolfe_blog_holiday_desktop_1[gold polka dot with teal holiday wallpaper]

the_kelsey_wolfe_blog_holiday_desktop_2[teal and gold chevron Christmas wallpaper]


[gold confetti and chevron jolly wallpaper]

It’s feeling extra wintery outside today! St. Louis got its first snowfall and it has really put me in the holiday spirit! Which one of these festive wallpapers is your favorite? I’m currently sporting the last one :) All of these were made by me with love. Please enjoy!

P.S. Would anyone like more of these kind of posts? Perhaps iPhone wallpapers? Suggestions, please! xo

the kwb

Thanksgiving Styling

thanksgiving_styling_the_kelsey_wolfe_blogThanksgiving Styling
It’s my favorite time of year for styling! I love the layering of colors and textures and thought I’d share with you a beautiful and simple look for Thanksgiving! Everything shown above is from J. Crew with the exception of the wedged booties from Target (which are on my Christmas list..hint hint). It’s a super versatile look that can easily be made more affordable than spending a small fortune at J. Crew. What are you all wearing for Thanksgiving? Do you dress it up or keep it casual for your day of chowing down? Let me know and have a great day, loves!
the kwb