Monograms By Malorie

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Make Your Day Better!

Make Life Easier
plan it out: I can’t stress enough just how stress relieving it is to have everything you have to do written down in ink…on actual paper. The feeling of crossing things off of a list is like none other.
pack it early: Another time-saver and not to mention money saver. Do it the night before and throw in some healthier options than you’d get from calling up Jimmy Johns or going through a drive thru.
make it pretty: It might not seem like much, but having pretty lingerie is an instant confidence booster, even if you’re the only one who’s going to see it. And no one said it had to match. You’ll still feel like you have your life together (somewhat).
spray it on: Grabbing someone’s attention and getting compliments on the scent of your perfume is the best. Pick your favorite and make it your staple fragrance, or switch it up everyday to keep things fresh.
write a note: Nothing makes my day like writing or receiving a friendly note. Whether it’s from your loved one in the morning on your pillow, or a “hang in there” post-it you leave on your friend’s desk — I dare you not to smile :)
turn it up: Get out of any funk with the perfect CD or throw on the 90’s shuffle on your iPhone. I think it’s scientifically proven that the louder the music and the more windows rolled down, the better your mood. I read that somewhere, I know I did.
I hope these things helped your day a bit…spread the love and have a great day! xoxo
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Peach Picking at Eckert’s

Peach Picking at Eckert'sBoy, if you live in the midwest then you know just how spoiled we’ve been with this gorgeous weather! Saturday was one of the most beautiful July days I’ve ever witnessed. Sun, blue skies, puffy clouds, and about 75 degrees. Just perfect. With weather like this we had to make a trip to Eckert’s to pick some peaches!Peach Picking at Eckert'sPeach Picking at Eckert's

Peach Picking at Eckert'sMike’s shirt: Urban Outfitters // My top: Old Navy

My camera and I have been attached at the hip lately, and with that, a lot more memories and fun moments caught like these ones. I don’t know why I ever worried about lugging my camera with me before…well, maybe I carry it more now because of the new pink polka dotted camera strap I bought. Just strap

dividerpeach picking at eckert'sWith freshly picked peaches comes fresh peach betty, courtesy of my mama. Hey, I can bake, but she’s just so darn good that I let her take the reins and get all the credit. Just remember, without the peaches Mike and I picked, there would be no peach betty to make ;)peach bettyThis was so delicious. Sweet, peachy, and that crunchy crumble on top was to-die-for.

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