February Ipsy Opening

I am so excited to share this month’s Ipsy bag with you ladies! I was a little bummed with my bag last month, but this one has definitely made up for it. Let’s jump on in and see all the goodies I received!the_kelsey_wolfe_blog_feb_ipsy Continue reading


Valentine’s Day Outfits for Any Date

I can’t believe it’s almost Valentine’s Day! I know many hate it, but I really do love all the sappiness that goes into the holiday. Every V-Day date is different. Whether you’re going to an ultra fancy dinner date with your man, or hitting the town with your girls — I’ve got just the looks for you!
This first look is the most casual of the three. This would be perfect if you’re just grabbing some drinks with your girlfriends, or if your guy is a lot more laid back. Some nice fitting jeans, a cute loose tee with a structured blazer and you’re solid. Add a sleek flat and some bling to play up the look. I paired the outfit with a darker nude lip and smoked out the eye.Valentine's Day: Casual
This next look happens to be my favorite. It’s playful and bright and can be worn to a nice dinner or romantic stroll around town (not this town because it’s colder than crap, but you catch my drift). It’s not “hey, i’m wearing jeans” casual, but it’s definitely not as fancy as the final look I put together. This red flowy top is cute and sexy all in one. Add the TO DIE FOR sequined striped J. Crew pants with some chic red heels and call it a night. I picked sparkly, yet subtle jewelry since there’s quite a bit of red going on and kept the makeup nice and neutral.
Valentine's Day: Just Right
Last, but not least, the fanciest look of them all! If you’re being seduced by roses, lavish dinners and limo rides…basically if you’re the leading lady in a rom-com, this look is for you! This is my little dream Valentine’s Day outfit. I don’t think I’ll ever have a reason to dress this nice on V-Day, but ya never know. I put together this flirty red dress with sleek black heels and a clutch. I paired the look with blingy black accents and you better believe I added a winged liner and the brightest red lip I could find. Eat your hearts out, ladies! Valentine's Day: Dressed to the Nines
Here’s to a lovely and fun Valentine’s Day! Love you!

Drugstore Makeup Faves + Routine

Hello, ladies! I hope you’re having a great Monday…or as great as it can get for a Monday, right? If you’re like me, you’re swamped with all sorts of things and the easiest solution is to reach for your go-to drugstore beauty products that you know you can count on when you’re pressed for time. That’s what I’ve been doing lately. Early mornings and tight schedules call for inexpensive and effective products I know are going to get the job done. All of the products in today’s post are ones I really do use on a daily basis and have been using since the new year. The only thing I didn’t include is eye shadow. I switch that up most days and it’s completely optional. Let me get into the products and why I depend on them so!
  1. This NYX primer may look scary in color, but it’s amazing. I tend to have a very red face before I apply makeup and this product helps to balance out the red, hence the green! It leaves my skin silky smooth and ready for makeup.
  2. I love my Benefit PoreFessional, but I discovered this one not long ago and it gives a great result for a lot less cash. I have really large pores, so I double up on primer and pore coverage. Don’t feel like you have to do both. My oily skin requires it, unfortunately.
  3. I’ve recently gone back to this trusty old foundation. I tend to buy so much new makeup that I forget I have certain things. Like this mineral makeup for example. Very similar to Bare Escentuals, it comes with a mini kabuki and has a really great buildable coverage.
  4. I love this NYX powder to set my whole face. It keeps all my makeup in tact throughout the day and I love how matte it makes me.
  5. I then come in with this Maybelline bronzer. It’s perfect and has no shimmer. I’m not ready for shimmer yet…there’s still snow on the ground for crying out loud.
  6. An easy breezy hint of color to your cheeks. I’m a big fan of bolder blushes, but this guy does the trick just fine.
  7. If you don’t fill in your brows each day, YOU SHOULD. I never thought I needed to until I tried this product. It’s handy with it’s little brush on one side and the perfect brow shade pencil on the other. Use a light hand when applying.
  8. My current favorite liquid liner in brown for the glorious price of $1, ladies.
  9. This is my holy grail mascara, y’all. It’s perfect. Just takes some elbow grease to take off at the end of the day.
  10. Lastly, my two newest and favorite lip products. I’m in love with Revlon’s new matte line and NYX’s butter glosses. I picked up the lightest nude shades they offered and paired the two together. It’s literally the perfect nude lip combo. Thank me later.

Well, that’s it for me! Check back in Wednesday and Friday for fun Valentine’s Day-themed  posts! Muah!