DIY Bouquet Styles and Discount Code for SimplyBridal

Hello, lovelies! I’ve teamed up with SimplyBridal for some awesome posts, tips, tricks, and discounts for you bride-to-bes! I’m absolutely in love with this DIY bouquet because lord knows when my day comes to plan a wedding I’ll most likely be making my own! Check it out and be sure to snag the discount code at the end of the post to save on your purchases :)



Get 15% off your purchase on SimplyBridal through May 1st!

discount code: SBL308KW

Happy shopping and DIYing, ladies!

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How to Edit Photos for Instagram

If you’re anything like me, you’re kind of obsessed with Instagram…speaking of which, you should add me ;) Not only do I love sharing my photos with my friends, but I love editing them even more. After a few years and a lot of trial and error, I have developed a streamlined look to my Instagram photos. So when you see one of my photos you can instantly go, “Oh, that’s got to be one of Kelsey’s photos!” just by the way they’re edited. I’ve gotten it down to a science and I thought it would be fun to share with all of you some of my favorite photo editing apps and how I go about editing my Instagram photos. Let’s jump right in!

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Free Holiday Wallpapers for You!

Click the image to enlarge.

the_kelsey_wolfe_blog_holiday_desktop_1[gold polka dot with teal holiday wallpaper]

the_kelsey_wolfe_blog_holiday_desktop_2[teal and gold chevron Christmas wallpaper]


[gold confetti and chevron jolly wallpaper]

It’s feeling extra wintery outside today! St. Louis got its first snowfall and it has really put me in the holiday spirit! Which one of these festive wallpapers is your favorite? I’m currently sporting the last one :) All of these were made by me with love. Please enjoy!

P.S. Would anyone like more of these kind of posts? Perhaps iPhone wallpapers? Suggestions, please! xo

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Dress Up the Home This Thanksgiving

thanksgiving_decorThanksgiving Decor
In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thought I’d share with you some festive fall decor ideas before you pack it all away for next year. At Thanksgiving you finally have the opportunity to dress up your table and make it the centerpiece of your home. I have four keys to decorating for turkey day and they are: comfort (for when you’re done eating your weight in turkey and pie), foliage, lighting and table settings to really dress up the joint. All of these things together will set a very relaxing and cozy mood. I hope you all take the time to make your homes festive for Thanksgiving and that you spend the holiday with great food and people you love. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
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Dream Decor: Packing Up and Moving Again

Well, it’s that time yet again — time to pack up my life and move on to another temporary home. This is the first time I wont be living with my mom in 21 years, but rather, my boyfriend. I’m so excited for the things to come, but I never like packing things away and deciding what comes and what goes. I can’t wait for the day when I can move into an apartment or house of my own and decorate it from floor to ceiling…with that notion in mind, I let my decor dreams run wild and created my ultimate dream room just for the heck of it.

Shabby Design
I have a very eclectic, shabby chic style. Kind of girly, I do admit, but I’m not afraid of masculine touches. Here are my key pieces in any relaxing bedroom:
  • PILLOWS! The more the merrier, I say!
  • A fun statement rug to add texture and pattern to the room.
  • A luxurious head and foot board to add interest.
  • Fun, mix-matched side tables.
  • Colorful works of art.
  • Neat little nicknacks that add some kind of function to your room rather than just being dust collectors…I loath that.
  • A great book, or an entire bookshelf full is a must, along with a nice cup of coffee :)

I hope you liked this kind of post. A bit of a departure from fashion, but it’s something I’m equally as passionate about. Let me know!

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