Jamberry Nails Review

the_kelsey_wolfe_blog_jamberry_nailsAs you all know, I love painting my nails. I even find it kind of therapeutic, but there once was a time when I dreaded it. I was awful. I never got the polish on my nails, the lacquer bubbled up, I smudged it and it always chipped two hours later. If only Jamberry Nails was around back then! Jamberry Nails creates nail wraps in a wide variety of colors and fun patterns. You might be thinking that this has been done before, but these nail wraps require heat to adhere to your nails and last even longer!

the_kelsey_wolfe_blog_jamberry_nails_2Simply pick the wrap that will best fit your nail, remove from the plastic sheet and hold in front of a hair dryer for about 5 seconds. Then apply it to your nail and press down firmly to assure it stays put. You can put a clear coat on before you do your nails and after to ensure a longer lasting manicure.the_kelsey_wolfe_blog_jamberry_nails_3Here’s a little warning before you see my accent nail below. This is an amazing product…just not for the current state of my nails. Unlike most lucky ladies, I have very tiny fingers with short nail beds. This makes it rather difficult to find nail wraps/stickers that fit my fingers correctly. No matter how much I trim and file they never look right and I’m usually not pleased with the outcome. Below you can see what I mean. The wrap didn’t properly fit any of my fingers, but was closest to my middle finger…and still a little too wide as you can see. I’ve seen several other tutorials on this brand and everyone else’s nails looked professional and amazing! I’d Google the brand and check out their site. I just wanted to get the word out on this awesome product, but warn that if your nail beds are small like me, you might run into this problem.the_kelsey_wolfe_blog_jamberry_nails_Please ignore the healing scab on my index finger…I sliced my finger open on some David Freese baseball cards at Winter Warm-Up. Ouch! Check out Jamberry Nails and thanks for stopping by, ladies!


*Disclaimer: Jamberry Nails sent me their product for me to try out and review

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