Monograms By Malorie

the_kelsey_wolfe_blog_monograms_by_malorie_1Hello, lovelies! Sorry for the lack of posting lately. If you didn’t already know, I started my new internship and with that and school, I’ve been a little busy. I have a lot of fun posts lined up, though, so no worries! Today’s post is all about Monograms By Malorie. Malorie and I used to intern together at ALIVE Magazine and she came to me not too long ago and asked to send me a few things because she knew how much I LOVE monograms. I’ll breakdown what goodies you can get on her Etsy shop and share what I got, too!

Miss Malorie can make you anything from monogrammed stickers to personalized tote bags. I’ve posted a few samples above, but be sure to check out her shop for a full list. Everything looks adorable and she has a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from. Her shipping is super quick and perfectly packaged with the sweetest tissue paper and bows!

I was lucky enough to pick out my own iPhone 5 case and I opted for a peach case with a hot pink chevron monogram. Not only did she send me the case, but also threw in some extra monogrammed stickers and a return address label. I so appreciate everything she sent me! I love monograms so much and I’m so grateful she reached out to me. Be sure to check out her Etsy shop Monograms By Malorie!




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