Daily Reflection: Sickness

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I thought that with this new year I might delve into more of my personal happenings, rather always just talking about fashion and makeup. To be honest, I have an amazing platform to share things with people and I just really need to vent sometimes. Read these little reflections or just read the fashion/beauty posts on MWF — your call! Let me jump right in on today’s hot topic: sickness. You may recall that I had Mono back in October and it was literally one of the worst weeks of my life. I couldn’t speak due to the worst burning sore throat you can imagine, I had zero appetite or strength and all I did was sleep for seven days. Not to mention I missed my first week of classes for my second term of the semester. Just splendid.


Since coming down with Mono I have been sick what seems like every other week. I’m not even kidding. I wish I was, but most definitely am not. It took a MAJOR hit to my immune system and since October I have had more colds than I can count, a 24-hour stomach bug on Christmas day that allowed me to spend the majority of the holiday hugging the toilet and now I’m suffering from a deep cough and cold. I even tried to combat these pesky colds by taking perhaps more than what was directed of Zicam (essentially just Zinc in a rapid melting tablet form) but nothing works. I know my body is telling me something and I know I need a major lifestyle change. It’s kind of disheartening to say that considering I made a huge lifestyle change my senior year of high school and have just let it go down the drain in the past 12 months. I gave up soda, fast food, processed foods and ate clean and worked out 5-6 times a week. I was in the best shape of my life and I honestly recall about one minor cold a year. Those days seem long gone now. I truthfully let myself fall into a downward spiral and it’s so hard to get out of it.


Alas, my one and only real “resolution” this year is to take my health back. Gone are the miserable days of driving through Taco Bell at 1am and eating way, wayyy too many holiday cookies and chocolates. It’s time to roll out the yoga mat and get back to being fit (let’s hope the idea of muscle memory holds true). I’ve even thought about becoming a vegetarian. Mike did it for years and I know it’s a lifestyle I could easily get used to and enjoy. Well, that’s really it. I really just wanted to put all of my transgressions out there so that my readers can call me out on my crap when they see me slip up. I’ll continue to write in on days I don’t have scheduled posts and keep you all updated on my progress. For those of you who are amazing and work out seven days a week, only eat organic and actually care about their bodies — please help a sister out. Let me know your go-to shopping lists and workout routines. I’m ready to be healthy again!



2 thoughts on “Daily Reflection: Sickness

  1. I haven’t been able to work out since May and I have 7 more weeks of recovery after my spinal implant surgery, but I do keep a fairly strict diet and it’s made a difference. My only tip is to stick with it until it becomes habit (& it will!). I am forced to watch my diet because of my kidney disease, but it’s a lot easier than I imagined when I decided to really follow through. I’ve found the biggest help are 1. Pinterest and 2. Cooking at home because then you can control EVERY thing you’re putting in your body. My favorite place to get recipes is http://www.skinnytaste.com and I have a lot of friends that have kicked their butts in gear with Tone it Up. Just be weary of any healthy eating plan that eliminates foods (i.e. paleo – it’s truly just a fad diet, though it sounds good on paper). For me personally, I stick to the DASH diet, which is really just eating mostly good stuff and only having the bad stuff as treats/in moderation.


    • I’ve definitely given my shopping list a facelift and have reverted back to my old habits of buying healthy and non processed. I also do Toned Up and Blogilates and love it! I just have to make a habit of it like you said with work and school. I’m determined and know that it just takes time and if I stick to it it will become second nature like it used to :)


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