Blogmas Sunday Funday — 2


Vanilla Chai tea to help cure this darn cold

Late night selfies with the boyfriend..aww

Remedies for a looming cold — shoes were necessary

St. Nick’s day goodies


Hi, all! I decided to do another Instagram roundup considering my current state of sickness, yet again. No worries, it’s not Mono this time. Just your run-of-the-mill cold. Still way not fun. Also, this coming week is going to be pretty hectic for me. It’s the last week of class before finals and I probably have 10 assignments due that I’ve yet to even start. Soooo, with that being said, there will most likely be no posts this week. I hope you all understand. Once school is over and I’m on break, we’ll be back to normal! If you’re gearing up for finals, good luck! That’s all for this week. I’ll be back next Sunday for another Blogmas and tomorrow I will announce the winner of the kensie giveaway on my Facebook page! Don’t miss it! Love you guys!

the kwb

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