Holiday Gift Guide ft. C. Wonder

Holiday Gifts ft. C. Wonder
If you’re like me, (which I imagine many of you are considering you’re on the blog right now) I fancy the finer things in life…eh, at least the finer looking things in life. I love surrounding myself with pretty things no matter what the cost. Expensive doesn’t always mean better, and, in fact, I often love my bargain finds above all others. C. Wonder is one of my favorite websites. They do tend to fall under the pricier side of shopping, but luckily there are some great Christmas finds that won’t break the bank!
Today I’ve shared three of my favorite gifts for under $25 and three that are over $25. It was way tough to pick just three, though. I mean, the site is amazing. I want it all. Although, I seem to be gravitated towards cozy winter gear and adorable trinkets more than anything. If you haven’t heard of C. Wonder before, I hope you’re now intrigued and go check it out! Let me know what you think and happy shopping ;)
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