What’s Been Going On


Hello, beautiful readers! I thought I would take the time to fill you all in on what’s been happening in my life lately and why the blog has been looking so bland! First things first, fall break, for the most part, was great. As you saw, I did do one outfit post from Chicago and there’s still one more waiting patiently in my drafts for me to finish. The trip went well, but unfortunately after Mike and I came home I quickly ended up getting seriously ill. I was diagnosed with mono, in fact. It is the absolute worst thing and I do not wish it upon anyone. It was nothing but strep throat, fevers and bed rest for this girl. That’s the main reason the blog has been lacking. Another reason, I’m a full-time senior in college trying my hardest to graduate in May. It’s not easy juggling school, work, a social life and a blog. Those of you who blog know what I’m talking about. A LOT of work goes into running a blog and keeping all you lovely people happy out there! Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m still here. I still adore this little blog with all my heart and I truly love each of you that read it. Just know I’m trying my best here with all that I have going on. Some weeks there may be my usual three posts, and some weeks there may be one, or none. Just know that I’m still here and ALWAYS thinking of my blog…like seriously, it’s all I think about. As moments of free time arise, I will stock up on posts as much as possible. I’m also in the midst of transferring hosts — one of the big changes I told you all was coming to the blog about a month back. It takes time. Losing what I have on this blog due to carelessness is something I cannot afford right now. I also have some fun brand collaborations and giveaways in the works, too! I hope you all are doing well and remember to stay happy and healthy. Give yourself time to breathe and snuggle up and read a book or something. I love you all, I’m still alive and thank you, as always, for reading!

xoxothe kwb


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