Fall Breaking in Chicago



Every year around this time I get the glorious treat of a fall break. A much needed week off, usually during the week of my birthday, to relax and not worry about school. This break, above all others, was much anticipated due to the stresses of my senior year. Mike and I decided to take advantage of our time off and take a little trip to one of our favorite nearby cities — Chicago. We snagged an awesome deal on a hotel, and with every new visit to the windy city we learn our way around a little bit better. This time we cut out all of the touristy stuff…been there, done that. Instead, we strolled the streets of the north side and enjoyed great food, drinks, and, of course, amazing and handsome company ;)

willows chicagowillows chicagowillows chicagowillows chicagowillows chicagoHow stunning was our hotel? I was completely obsessed with it and spent more time taking pictures of it than my outfits. We stayed at the Willows Hotel and how we got so lucky to stay in such a beautiful setting is beyond me. Last time Mike and I vacationed in Chicago we opted for a cheaper hotel in O’Hare with a shuttle to the train that would then take us all the way into the city. Talk about a roundabout way of getting places. We swore the next time we visited we would stay in the city no matter what, and I am so glad we did. We were just a quick walk away from local bars and boutiques. It was pure bliss, minus the winter-like weather in October, but that’s Chicago for you.

falllookbookfalllookbookfalllookbookfalllookbookcoat: Forever 21 [similar]

sweater: Ralph Lauren

plaid shirt: Ralph Lauren

skinnies: Forever 21

riding boots: White Mountain [similar]

monogram necklace: Marley Lilly

gold chain: thrifted

Have a great day, everyone!


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