Ross Fall Trend Hunter Challenge: Leather Accents


Are you all ready for week #2 of Ross’ Fall Trend Hunter Challenge? I know I am! This week is all about the leather trend. Ross wanted me to be on the look out for fun pieces with leather accents. This was probably my hardest look to shop for considering I don’t normally gravitate towards edgier items like leather. Still, I had a blast trying on different leather looks and actually really love this trend! It doesn’t have to be edgy at all. I tried on and even bought several classy pieces with leather that were both flattering and added great detail to my look. Just like before, Ross gave me gift cards to buy each look for under $100. They have also asked me not to share the brands of the items I bought, but believe me, they’re amazing designer names. Check out the look I put together, tell me whatcha think, and don’t forget to cast your vote for a chance to win a $100 gift card yourself!rossfalltrendhunterleather1rossfalltrendhunterleather2rossfalltrendhunterleather3rossfalltrendhunterleather4rossfalltrendhunterleather

Cranberry ankle jeans: $7.50 (on clearance!)

Black tank: $3.99

Military leather accent jacket: $24.99

Black leather booties: $19.99

Grand total (without tax): $56.47!

VOTE for my leather look!

Photo credit goes to the lovely and talented Meagan Stevenson!


One thought on “Ross Fall Trend Hunter Challenge: Leather Accents

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