Fall Essentials

I  dont’ know about you, but I’ve been doing quite a bit of fall shopping lately. It seems like every year I just don’t have enough to get me through the fall and winter months…which is completely and utterly untrue, considering I filled my entire car with just “fall and winter clothes” during my move this past weekend. Lies, Kelsey, lies! Still, you can’t keep me away from shopping all the new fall essentials.
I often gravitate towards very dark berry and bordeaux colors during the chillier months. I like how bold it is and the way it looks with my, let’s face it, paleness. Hey, I embrace it when the summer days are long gone. I have also been busting out my one and only pair of suede heeled booties I picked up at Ross for just $10! Needless to say, at that price, I can afford to pick up another pair or two ;) Also, you can never go wrong with animal print. Animal print scarves, cardigans, shoes, you name it.
Embellished sweatshirts seem to be all the rage, too, and it’s fine by me. It’s comfort and style in one! J. Crew offers a lot of great options, but if you’re on a budget like this gal, then opt for Old Navy. I picked up two adorable sweatshirts with crystal embellishments for just $25 each. Check back soon for outfit of the days with those! And last but not least, statement necklaces and jewelry in general. It’s not necessarily just for fall, but it’s so fun to dress up those plain oxfords and sweaters with bright pops of color and bedazzlement!Fall Faves #1
Fall Faves #2
That’s it for my favorite fall essentials. Let me know what yours are and I’ll keep my eye out for them! Have a great day!

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