Ross Fall Trend Hunter Challenge: Black and White


The time is finally here! I feel like I’ve been hinting about the Ross collaboration for awhile, and now I can share with all of you. Ross came to me about a month ago and asked if I would like to be one of five national fashion bloggers to be apart of their Fall Trend Hunter challenge. Ross gave me three different trends for the fall season to shop for, and also gave me the gift cards to purchase my fall finds. Everything you see in my Fall Trend Hunter posts are 100% from Ross Dress for Less and all cost less than $100. I hope you like the looks I put together and you take the time to check out a Ross near you for some KILLER deals. First look is black & white, next week is leather accents, and the following week will be my final outfit — denim on denim. Stay tuned for all the fall fashion!
kwbross1kwbross2kwbross3kwbross5When shopping for this black and white look I knew I wanted to make it a comfy one. When I think of fall, above all else I think of oversized sweaters and boots. I found this amazingly comfortable sweater, bought it in a size larger than I normally wear, and paired it with some simple black leggings (lined with fleece for those chilly autumn days!) and black leather riding boots. It’s the perfect outfit to go to class in when you’re in a hurry, but still want to look cute! I didn’t accessorize the look much for that reason alone. I wanted pure comfort for long days on campus. I hope you like my first Ross Fall Trend Hunter look, now here’s the breakdown of the outfit!

B&W striped sweater: $24.99

Black leggings: $4.99

Black leather boots: $39.99

Grand total (without tax): $69.97!


VOTE for my B&W look!

Photo credit goes to the lovely and talented Meagan Stevenson!



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