Bonus Blog: NYFW Roundup

I’ve been packing all morning and decided to take a much needed smoothie and blogging break. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been dying over my Instagram feed and all of the amazingness that is New York Fashion Week. If you’re as fashion obsessed as me, and you, too, wish you were in the big apple right now, I’ve put together my favorite Instagram accounts covering all the happenings during NYFW. Follow and enjoy!

@thegridmonster — Ingrid Nilsen

@lemonstripes — Julia Dzafic

@rachparcell — Rachel Parcel (The Pink Peonies)

@glitterguide — Glitter Guide

@caraloren — Cara Van Brocklin

and you can always follow me, too ;)

Have fun, ladies!

the kwb


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