Dream Decor: Packing Up and Moving Again

Well, it’s that time yet again — time to pack up my life and move on to another temporary home. This is the first time I wont be living with my mom in 21 years, but rather, my boyfriend. I’m so excited for the things to come, but I never like packing things away and deciding what comes and what goes. I can’t wait for the day when I can move into an apartment or house of my own and decorate it from floor to ceiling…with that notion in mind, I let my decor dreams run wild and created my ultimate dream room just for the heck of it.

Shabby Design
I have a very eclectic, shabby chic style. Kind of girly, I do admit, but I’m not afraid of masculine touches. Here are my key pieces in any relaxing bedroom:
  • PILLOWS! The more the merrier, I say!
  • A fun statement rug to add texture and pattern to the room.
  • A luxurious head and foot board to add interest.
  • Fun, mix-matched side tables.
  • Colorful works of art.
  • Neat little nicknacks that add some kind of function to your room rather than just being dust collectors…I loath that.
  • A great book, or an entire bookshelf full is a must, along with a nice cup of coffee :)

I hope you liked this kind of post. A bit of a departure from fashion, but it’s something I’m equally as passionate about. Let me know!

the kwb



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