Nominate Me for the St. Louis Fashion Blog Awards!

stlfba2Hello, lovely readers! I just wanted to take a minute and share something really cool with all of you! I’ve been lucky enough to be apart of a truly tight-knit blogging community here in St. Louis. We all have a passion for fashion and spreading the word about style and fashion in St. Louis. To honor some of the best fashion bloggers in the STL, Saint Louis Fashion Week is hosting the St. Louis Fashion Blog Awards.

I’ve already nominated myself and my favorite local bloggers, but I’d love it if you would take a moment to do so as well. Nominate me for whatever categories you feel I deserve. As far as I know, you can put my URL for multiple categories. If you do nominate me, please let me know here, on my FB page, or Twitter, so I can thank you properly. Thank you so much in advance! Fingers crossed :)

the kwb


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