Liebster Award!

liebster-award-mainI want to send out a huge thank you to Amanda from Amanda Kathryn for nominating me for this fun award! If my two years of German in high school served me right, “liebster” means “darling” in English. So, the darling award, it is! This award is for bloggers who have a smaller following or are newer to the game. Once nominated you must answer the questions from the person who nominated you and then choose 11 of your favorite bloggers, too! Sounds like fun, huh? Let’s jump right in!


Questions from Amanda

1. Most recent purchase?
I purchased this chunky chain bracelet and this fun tassel bracelet from Nordstrom.
2. Last vacation/getaway?
My Chicago trip with Mike!
3. Happiest moment?
Still to come, I think :)
4. Pastels or neon?
5. Biggest success?
Aside from getting in and attending college, I’d have to say going to Saint Louis Fashion Week last spring!
6. Most important person in your life?
My mama.
7. What are you most looking forward to?
Finishing up my final year of college!
8. Favorite store to shop at?
J. Crew…but if we’re being honest, TJ Maxx and Marshalls ;)
9. Favorite dish to make?
Haha…I kind of bake. Kind of. So, banana muffins, I suppose.
10. Biggest blogger influence?
Cupcakes and Cashmere and Pink Peonies really got me fascinated with blogging.
11. Best piece of blogging advice?
Don’t blog for the wrong reasons. Don’t do it with your heart set out on becoming “famous” or getting lavish gifts and perks. Have fun with it and stay true to yourself.
Questions for my Nominees
1. What’s your go-to staple piece?
2. Favorite season to dress for?
3. Most expensive fashion item you’ve ever purchased?
4. What got you into blogging?
5. How long have you been blogging?
6. Blogging/fashion inspiration?
7. How would you describe your style?
8. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
9. What’s your favorite designer/store?
10. Favorite color?
11. Best piece of blogging advice?
My Nominees 
the kwb

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