Weekly Update: Catching Up and Setting Goals

catching up and goalsI’ll first jump back into blogging with a weekly (more like a couple weeks, huh?) update of what I’ve been up to. Let me break down the Instagram photos first.

  • Took a stroll around downtown Kirkwood with Ari and sported my new sailboat shorts from Old Navy!
  • Mike surprised me with flowers..completely out of the blue..for no reason..because he’s amazing and I’m the luckiest.
  • We also went on a date night a few days later and tried out a new Mexican restauraunt in the CWE called Gringo. Super yummy! Then we hit up the Moolah to see Man of Steel. The movie wasn’t my cup of tea, but Mike really liked it for those of you still on the fence about seeing it.
  • Mike and I also hit the 6 month mark and spent the day at the Botanical Gardens. Just one itsy-bitsy milestone of many more to come :)
  • Had some much needed best friend time with Arijana at the Kenny Chesney concert. I didn’t think I’d be able to dust off my boots and go to a country concert this summer, but my school is awesome and gave me free tickets!
  • Lastly, another quiet night out with Mike at Urban Chestnut (my favorite kind of night out).


Boy, I missed this thing. Believe me when I say I truly do get sad when I don’t blog. Unfortunately there have been a lot of things going on, both good and bad, that have kept me from keeping up with the KWB. I have made some changes, and more importantly, some goals to strive toward for the month of July. My goals are simple, but mean the world to me in the long run. I said they’re simple and they are…like, dead simple. I want to be healthy and happy. Those two things are  the most important things to me and they truly go hand-in-hand. I know when something isn’t making me happy and when I’m not feeling 100% my best. When I notice this, I know it’s time to make a change. I’ve already begun with some of the changes to help make my life and the lives of my loved ones happier and I’m ready to continue this. Here are some of my simple goals that I’m striving for this month and I hope you can make some of these your personal goals, too!

  • Eat healthy. No more late night runs to McDonald’s and Taco Bell. Back to clean eating and no more processed junk.
  • Be active. I used to work out 6-5 days a week and that has drastically dwindled in the past several months. My goal is to work out 3-4 days a week and work my way back up to 5-6. Summer is the best time because you can go swimming or take a run and really take advantage of the beautiful weather.
  • Read more. If I’m taking care of my body, then I should take care of brain, too. Reading is one of my favorite hobbies, but also one of the biggest things I just push aside when I have other things to do. Not anymore!

That’s really it. Oh, and try to blog ever single day in the month of JulyI’m looking forward to this month and the rest of summer more than ever now. Feel free to join me on my little journey of happiness and I’ll be back to check-in soon! Have a great day!

the kwb


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