Weekly Update: Chicago Pt. II

Final Chi Town update! Man, writing up these posts is really depressing…I’m totally having Chicago withdrawals already. The last two days of our trip consisted of lots of museums, touristy things, and fog…lots of fog. Monday Mike and I visited Shedd Aquarium and Field’s History Museum. Shedd’s was by far my favorite of the day, but that’s because not many things can top sea otters and dolphins, am I right? We also strolled down to Millennium Park where I really felt like a tourist snapping shots of Mike and me at the Bean. We grabbed ourselves some beers and stood in awe at how beautiful everything was. Trying to take advantage of the wonderful summer weather, Mike and I traveled over an hour using the marvelous CTA to North Chicago to try out a lakeside restaurant suggested to us by friends. The second we got off the train, we were welcomed by thick fog, mist, and 10 degree cooler weather. Perfect for beach side dining. We’d already traveled a long way so we gave it a shot regardless of how uncomfortable the atmosphere was. The food was amazing, so it wasn’t a complete bust. Our final day in Chicago was all about the science center. Mike and I definitely has the most fun there, I think. Like the kids there on filed trips, Mike and I played and experimented with as much as we could get our hands on. We ended up spending the rest of the day by visiting the lake (without the fog this time), seeing the Jordan statue, grabbing lunch from a bar and grill featured on one of our favorite shows, and even driving into Indiana so Mike could buy beer from Three Floyd’s…lots and lots of beer. Our trip was amazing and I can’t wait for more adventures with my guy. It’s only the beginning!

IMG_1549top: Ralph Lauren / necklace: GroopdealzDSCN1856Photobooth fun at Field’s.weekly update: chicagoMillennium Park.weekly update: chicago weekly update: chicagoWhat a hunk.weekly update: chicagoShirt: Urban Outfittersweekly update: chicagoPants, socks, shoes: Urban Outfittersweekly update: chicago DSCN1831You can never have too many stuffed animals. It’s a bonus if they also wear clothes.DSCN1839Foggy lakeside fish dinner.weekly update: chicagoThere’s a lake down there somewhere, I swear.DSCN1848 weekly update: chicagoMJ!IMG_1550Science center fun!IMG_1557A more appropriate lake visit.IMG_1560One of the best burgers I’ve ever had.IMG_1559Thanks for reading, friends. Write back later!

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One thought on “Weekly Update: Chicago Pt. II

  1. I love Goose Island Beer! Did you eat any fries in Chicago fried in duck fat? That seemed to be quite the thing the last time we were up there. Now we have 2 friends attending med school in Chicago so we’ll definitely have to make another trip sometime soon, it’s such a fun city-and I have GOT to get to Shedd, it looks incredible! I love your yellow necklace by the way, it’s so cheery and happy :)


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