Local, Local, Local: ALIVE Magazine’s Hot List 2013 Party

hotlist2013partyI’m finally recapping my Friday night for you all! I don’t know how much I filled you in on what I was going to be doing last Friday, so you’re probably rather confused…let me explain. As I mentioned a few weeks back, I started a new internship! Actually, it’s my first. I am one of the newest PR/Events/Marketing interns at ALIVE Magazine right here in St. Louie! I’m learning the ropes of magazine publication, event planning, and social media galore! I’m loving it and was lucky enough to be buddied up with some wonderful fellow intern ladies. I think we make a great team :)  aliveinternsSorry, Chels, stole your picture! Anyway, back to last Friday. With this internship comes a lot of hard work, but also a lot of perks —  like attending fun events and parties. Last Friday was ALIVE’s annual Hot List Party where they celebrate the best of the best of St. Louis dining, shopping, you name it. I was happy to share the evening with Mike and get yet one more internship experience crossed off.

kelsey wolfe blog hot list partyLike the pillows? I was easily enthralled with the placement and coordination of them…

kelsey wolfe blog hot list partyOne of my favorite pop-up boutiques at the party. Mike and I loved the East + West table!

the kwb hot list partyI also ADORE Fun in the Sun in Kirkwood who showed off their adorable new swimwear. Their store is packed with the preppiest things! Vineyard Vines…oh my.

All credit for the photos above go to ALIVE Magazine.

the kwb


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