Styling Ideas: Chicago Bound

Chicago Bound
Living in St. Louis is great, but sometimes you long for that big city feel that’s not halfway across the country. For us, that’s Chicago! Literally just about 5 hours away and you have a whole new city to explore with countless things to do and try…Mike and I are even throwing in a Cubs game into our itinerary. Don’t worry, I’m only going because Mike says he wants me to see Wrigley before they update it. That’s my reasoning and I’m sticking to it. Cards fan FOR LIFE! We leave Saturday morning, so I’m starting to pack now! Keep reading to find out what I’m packing and why…and see my quick, everyday makeup look!
When you go on any kind of vacation, you want to look cute while staying as comfortable as possible. That’s what I’m basing all my Chicago outfits around — comfort and style.
—> maxi dresses: what’s more comfortable than a maxi?! Umm…nothing. I used to be afraid to wear them, but once I gave in and bought one I regretted not trying them sooner. They’re the epitome of comfort and they can be dressed up or dressed down depending on whether you’re spending the day going to museums (which we are!), or you’re going out to a nice dinner. LOVE.
—> shorts: not just any shorts, though. I’m packing my favorite pair of boyfriend denim shorts and a pair or 2 of bold colored/printed shorts to add a little something-something :) Comfy + cute = happy tourist.
—> cotton tops: it’s june, so it’s going to be hot. I’m only going to pack thin cotton tops, preferably sleeveless. They’re breathable and guess what? Comfy, too! I love these 2 J. Crew tops I posted. They’ll look adorable with a fun short and a statement necklace. Speaking of those…
—> statement jewelry: aka, your best friend! Let’s face it, the items above can be pretty boring if you don’t do it right, but adding fun statement jewelry is always the right thing to jazz up an outfit.
—> comfy sandals: a must-have for any summer vacay. Be sure to pick a versatile pair that will go with a lot because shoes can take up a lot of space without you even realizing it. These are my favorite sandals from Target and they go with EVERYTHING.
—> camera: last but not least :)
Everyday Look
Lastly, my makeup routine. Just as simple as the clothing items I’m packing. Keep it light, fresh, and natural. Maybe throw in a pink or red lipstick ;)
the kwb



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