Dream Design & Decor: Pops of Color

Here’s a little something that you guys probably don’t know about me… I have a huge passion for interior design! So much so that I’ve been glued to HGTV and decor magazines since I was 10, at least. I don’t normally blog about anything other than fashion and my personal life, but this is something I truly love, so I’ve added a category to the blog all about my dream design and decor. I’ll share all of my favorite decor and design inspiration and maybe even give you a glimpse into my own decorating adventures!


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Source: 79ideas.org via Kelsey on Pinterest

Source: Uploaded by user via Kelsey on Pinterest


As you can see, I love very girly, shabby chic-esque design. I love whites as a base with fun pops of color. Anything from a pink chair, to brightly painted doors and furniture, or maybe even floral wallpapered stairs (I’M OBSESSED). Have fun with accessories like picture frames and lamps, and don’t shy away from bold items like a brightly colored couch. As long as it’s paired with neutrals it will pop and not be too overpowering. How do you feel about these ideas for adding pops of color to your home?the kwb



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