Wish List: Summer Essentials


Every year I like to compile my wish list and essentials for summer and trips to the pool…or beach if you’re lucky ;) I have two favorite styles in swimwear this season! Both are flattering and give you that extra boost of confidence you might need before you take  your cover-up off.
Keep reading to see why I chose these particular suits and see my other summer must-haves!
—> My first favorite is the structured, corset style. It’s very reminiscent of the 40s and 50s, and let’s be honest, the women in that time knew how to dress like a lady! This style holds you in, gives you shape, support, and makes you look phenomenal. I know I sometimes have a problem with those string bikini tops or bandeaus…they’re just not the best for us ladies who are bigger than an A or B cup. That being said, if you are just an A or B cup, this top is perfect for making it seem like there’s a bit more up there than there probably is :)
—> My other favorite top is the flowly, handkerchief style. I had never seen this style until this season when I went shopping for new swimsuits. I adore them! I love the carefree look of them and the flow of the fabric. Just imagine your gorgeous self on the beach with the wind blowing though your beachy waves and swimsuit top! Am I right?!
Ok, now time for other essential pool/beach items!


Now this list isn’t much different than anyone else’s, I’m sure, but it’s still fun to see what people pack in their beach bags. Speaking of beach bags…you need one of those. They’re a must-have. I really loved this blue and white striped John Lewis beach bag.
—> beach towel: my favorite is my colorful Lacoste towel. It’s spacious and super soft!
—> flip flops: any cheap pair will do, but try to pick a fun color that matches your suit!
—> baseball cap: gotta have one of these bad boys! I have quite an impressive collection of baseball caps for a girl. I wear them all summer long, and especially to the pool to hide my day 2 or 3 hair, and to shield my face from those harmful rays!
—> koozie: this is my new obsession! You gotta stay hydrated when you’re out in the sun, so why not dress up your water bottle…or beer can ;) My #1 choice is the Lilly Pullitzer koozie. It’s adorable and really keeps your drink cold. So well in fact that your guy friends will want to steal them from you no matter how girly they are.
—> swimsuit bag: it’s always good to have a medium-sized zipper bag to throw your wet suit into. No one likes a soaking wet swimsuit getting their mags and books wet!
—> sunglasses: need I say more? I suggest a cheaper pair that you don’t mind getting scratched and greasy from that tanning oil.
—> sun lotion: lotion up and protect yourself from the sun — be safe, people!
What are your summer must-haves?
the kwb


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