Weekly Update: [4.22.13 – 4.28.13]


  • Monday night silliness in downtown St. Louis.
  • Springtime means gardening! Picked out lots of pretty flowers and rocked my new crystal spiked bracelet.
  • Taking “notes” in class…History of Rock and Roll to be exact. Stop. Don’t laugh.
  • Words to live by.

Not a whole lot going on this week. Hey, at least I wasn’t sick, so I’m not complaining. School is finishing up, which means lots of tying up loose ends. I can’t tell you how nice it will feel to be done with school and to focus all of my time on my internship and blogging. They’ll go hand-in-hand, but like I said before, I’ll fill you all in on that later! This is my final week of actual classes, and I promise I’ll be getting back into the swing of things. I have lots of OOTD posts and reviews coming up! Anyone like free tanning? Yeah, stay tuned, folks — it’ll be worth your while ;)

the kwb



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