Local, Local, Local: Springtime & Baseball

It’s  no surprise that I’m playing catchup, so I thought, why not double up on blog posts? So, each day I’ll try to share a fashion post along with a personal post until I’m all caught up!

When I think of spring I think of warmer weather, BBQ’s, and baseball. We kicked off the first stint of really nice spring-like weather with a nice BBQ at my brother’s house. We were able to spend some time in the sun grilling and watch hours of great baseball. There’s truly nothing better than a Sunday afternoon with family.


Mike’s shirt: Urban Outfitters + my top: TJ Maxx + my shorts: Forever 21


Opening day of baseball is a huge deal, but even more huge in St. Louis. So huge, in fact, that it’s nearly impossible to buy tickets! Mike and I weren’t going to let that stop up, so we headed downtown where all the energy and commotion was and enjoyed the game from the comfort of the City Garden. We ended the afternoon with some frozen yogurt and all-in-all the day was a winner — well, not the actual game…just our day as a whole, really.



It was only a few days later that Mike and I were able to go to our first Cardinals game of the season. We stayed at the Casino Queen where I woke up to a lovely view of the Arch. The shuttle drove us straight to Busch where we had all-inclusive tickets where we ate and drank all we wanted…well, mostly drank. It was a perfect game and I can’t wait for many more this summer!

stlarchcardsscardinals2poochesThanks for keeping up with my crazy posts! I’ll try to never get sick again ;)

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