OOTD: TJ Maxx + Target

dressingroomdiariesThere comes a time…at least once a week, where I venture off to my two favorite stores: TJ Maxx and Target. When this happens, it’s inevitable that I’ll be trying on clothes, and with that, I’d like to introduce my “Dressing Room Diaries.” I’ll share with you what  I tried on, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I’ll fill you in on what I thought about each item, along with brand, price, and all that jazz. Let’s start with column one, shall we?

Michael Kors purple skirtOriginal Price: $90 — Sale Price: $15 — Verdict: didn’t purchase

Why?: The answer is simple — too big. I found this beauty on the clearance rack and was stunned at the amazing price. They had the skirt in this beautiful purple and a kelly green in every size but a 2. I grabbed the 4 and it didn’t fit the way it was intended to. Normally I would have bought it anyway, but I’m taking this whole self-restraint thing to the next level…clearly if I’m passing up $15 Michael Kors. So sad :(

Coral sundressOriginal Price: $48 — Sale Price: $16.99 — Verdict: didn’t purchase

Why?: Hmm…I’m trying to remember why I didn’t buy it. I think it had something to do with the front of the dress and the buttons annoying me. I adored the back, but I knew picking a bra to wear with it would be a pain in the neck. I also loved the color, especially with a tan, but alas, no purchase.

Merona striped shift dressOriginal Price: $30 — Sale Price: $11 — Verdict: purchased!

Why?: I liked the simple fit and the length of the sleeves. I also love the stripes and black and white for spring. Not to mention it totally reminded me of something I’d find at J. Crew. Instapurchase!

Until my next shopping excursion, ladies and gents!

the kwb



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