STLFW: Robust + GLOW + ALIVE Magazine After Party

Ahh! I’m a terrible blogger! Here I am promising you STLFW posts each day and then I go two days with nothing! I apologize, but life has definitely come at me full force this past week. We’re not at Saint Louis Fashion Week anymore, Toto. Yeah, that’s for sure. I almost forgot that I’m a full-time college student with a job, friends, and family. Needless to say, I have yet to fully master juggling blogging and everything else. I’m working on it, though :) Now to my final post on STLFW!robustdinnerBefore the much anticipated GLOW fashion show, all of the blogger ladies had dinner at Robust Wine Bar downtown compliments of the wonderful team at Canopi. We sipped on wine, ate delicious cheeses and breads, and talked endlessly about what else? Blogging.


gifts from Hazel2Blue…so comfy!

The wonderful ladies from Hazel2Blue were also there to hand out goodie bags and talk about their adorable new online boutique. Check out their store for some amazing stuff! Once the wine began to kick in and the sun started setting, it was time for the moment we’d all been waiting for — the fashion show!


photo credit: ALIVE Magazine

Look how lovely and fashionable my fellow bloggers are! I can’t get over how much fun I had at the GLOW fashion show, but I bet you’re wanting to see some looks from the show, huh? Okay, okay, coming right up…from my front row seat ;)

glowfashionshowIt’s okay to drool over the looks from 10denza and Devil City. I had to lift my jaw from the ground a few times seeing these amazing looks. Right. Up. My. Alley. The whole show was so inspiring and totally got me in the mood for spring (even though it snowed 12 inches the very next day).

boyfrannLook who came to the after party for me :) Mike was sporting a gingham plaid shirt from Express with H&M dress pants. So stylish. I am so proud.


post-fashion party grub via Schlafly Tap Room

That’s it, folks. The conclusion of STLFW…super sad. I am beyond grateful for the truly amazing opportunity I was given from ALIVE and my bucket is overflowing from all of the support and love I have and continue to receive. Who knew this little blog that I love so dearly could take me so far?! Thank you all again and I’ll write back tomorrow! xoxo

the kwb



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