Styling Ideas: STLFW Styling Preview

stfwideasIt all begins tonight, ladies and gents! Tonight is the official kickoff to St. Louis Fashion Week with the CLR-MNSTR X BLUEBIRD STLFW VIP Blogger Party! I’ve decided to give you all a little sneak peak into some of my fashion week looks. I’m still not 100% on what events I’m wearing what outfits to, or even the styling, but it will come to me last second, it always does. I’ll be snapping pictures, Instgramming, and Tweeting like a madwoman this weekend, so be sure to follow all the action by following me on all social media outlets in the righthand corner, lovelies!

I was going to keep this a secret, mainly because I might change my mind at the last minute, but I’m going to show you all what I’m wearing to the GLOW fashion show Saturday evening. Ready? Here you go:STLW Look

I’m keeping it pretty simple with this season’s biggest trends of black and white and polka dots! Then to add a pop of color, I threw in a neon pink belt and a bright lip. What do you all think? Ah! I should go get ready…even if it is 9 hours away. I’m such a girl. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Muah!
the kwb

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