St. Louis Fashion Week, Here I Come!

As you all may remember, I mentioned I had some exciting news to share with you later in the week. Well, now that it’s officially spring (although it’s still 30 degrees here in St. Louis), I’m going to spill the beans! I will be attending St. Louis Fashion Week as a local fashion blogger for Alive Magazine. Alive Magazine is an amazing local magazine that focuses on style, entertainment, and culture. I’m beyond excited for this opportunity and I’ll be taking you guys with me every step of the way! For me, it really all begins Friday evening, and then all day Saturday I’m go go go! First things first, though…what to wear? I went last minute shopping with Arijana (because clearly I have absolutely nothing in my expansive closet) and found the perfect top at H&M. This is the only photo I’ll show you until the actual night…I still have a lot of styling to do on it. As for Saturday’s festivities, you’ll just have to wait and see. Like I said, I’ll keep you all in the loop, but be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter for quickest information :)

kwnstlfw2Stay posted on #STLFW with Alive Magazine, too!

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