Spring Must-Haves

Spring Must-Haves
Spring! Undoubtedly my favorite season to shop for…then again, I do say that about every season. Who cares. Spring is my favorite. I love the colors, the styles, the fact that I don’t have to wear an ugly winter coat anymore…
Today I put together some spring must-haves that you should all have in your wardrobe. I started with some transitional pieces that you can carry over from your winter wardrobe, to some items that are 100% warm weather, park-going clothes.
I love denim jackets because they’re so versatile. I wear them with literally everything from dresses to colored chino shorts. Basically anything that isn’t the same color denim — that’s a no no. I also listed some oxfords.Try to pick fun fluorescent and pastel colors. I also love the polka dot top. My polka dot collection is really adding up for the springtime and I’m ecstatic! Also, some nice 3/4 length basic shirts in fun stripes and colors is always a safe bet. They’re easy to pair with things and they’re not too cold or too hot.
Lastly, is the major spring staples. You’ve got you denim shorts, colored chinos, and of course, sandals, sunglasses, and a wide variety of bold accessories. This isn’t rocket science, but sometimes you just need a little inspiration and I hope I’ve done that for you today. Happy shopping and here’s to warmer weather and longer days :)
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