Valentine’s Day Recap

valentine's day recap

Well, Valentine’s Day has come and gone and I don’t know about you, but mine was amazing. It helps that I have the most wonderful boyfriend because without him it would have been just another day. I was literally racing to class with 4 minutes to spare when I had to do a double take after I saw photos of Mike and me plastered all along my route to class.

the kelsey wolfe blog valentine's day recapThere were over thirty of these flyers posted all around my campus. Every path I take to get to my classes was lined with them and it was by far too much for me to handle. I was running late, flustered, and dying from how amazing my boyfriend is. Luckily for me, class let out early and I was able to find them all and snap pictures for all of you to see. Hey, my boyfriend deserves a lot of credit and here it is :)

the kelsey wolfe blog valentine's day recap

top: Old Navy + scarf: Old Navy + red skinnies: Mossimo/Target + flats: Mossimo/Target + sunglasses: A.J. Morgan + watch: Michael Kors

Ahhh :)

Little did I know that was just the beginning. Later that night he took me out to a lovely sushi dinner, got me beautiful flowers, Monty the Cardinals playing elephant (check photos below to clarify), and he even made me chocolate covered strawberries. Yes, I am the luckiest. I hope you all had an fantastic day and I’ll end this brag-filled post with a few more shots of my Valentine’s Day surprises.

kwb flowers

kwb monty

kwb choco

Okay, I did some stuff for him, too, guys ;)

kwb vday

kwb vday muffins

Homemade banana muffins :)kwb muffins

Notice all of the Luke Bryan quotes…I couldn’t help it.

the kwb


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