Styling Ideas: Before Winter Fades Away

Before Winter Fades Away
Believe me, I wish spring was here just as badly as the next person, but there’s still time to get in all of your favorite winter looks before that time comes! We’re already two weeks into February, so time is running out!
Everything in this look is what I’d call a ‘winter staple.’ You have your plaid button-up, your basic sweater, nude pumps, and maybe even that sequin skirt you bought for a Christmas or NYE party you never got to wear…well, now’s your chance, ladies. Plan a girls night, or go on a date with your guy — anything to get in one or two more adorably chic winter looks. As excited as I am for pastels and flouncy skirts, there’s still something about a plaid shirt and winter sparkles that makes my heart skip a beat. March will be here before you know it — get your winter styles in while you can!
the kwb

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