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blog incI passed my portfolio review, everyone! For all of you wondering what that is, let me explain. I’m a media communications major and therefore have done a lot of media related projects. So, basically, in order to graduate, I had to get in front of a panel of professors and show them my work, proving to them that I am qualified to graduate and try to make it out in the real word. Emphasis on the try. Anywho…I PASSED! I know you’re all wondering — here’s what I wore ;)

kwbIt was so cute. I’d say the reason I passed was 50% this outfit. I know you can’t see it all, but here’s the breakdown:

top: Banana Republic + lace pencil skirt: Target + polka dot tights: J. Crew + leopard pumps: Target

Okay, back to the topic at hand…blogging. While I was doing my presentation of my work, I probably spent the largest chunk of time just talking about my blog. I love this thing. I grew it out of nothing and I’m proud. I love sharing fashion and style tips, DIY projects, and letting you see into my personal day-to-day life. I. Love. It. It’s something that looks awesome in my portfolio, ultimately my resume, and hopefully to future employers. This is what I want to do with my life in some way, shape, or form. I want to grow even more and never stop learning. Hence the picture of the book. This is step #1 to improving The KWB. The book gives you the ins and outs of blogging with awesome tips and tricks. As I read I’ll share what I learn and test out some of the ideas. If you’d like to purchase the book as well, click here. Have a great day!

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Styling Ideas: Kate Spade

The Look for Less
What’s one of the hottest new trends for spring 2013? Believe it or not, black & white is. I’m a huge fan of Kate Spade and the dress shown above, but I am not a fan of the high price tag. So, I found a very similar style dress for a fraction of the price. If you guys like these kind of posts, let me know! Have a great day, ladies!
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I can’t believe I’ve finally made it to my 100th blog post! Just a little over a year and I’ve finally made it :) I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who stops by everyday and reads what I have to say. I really do appreciate it! This month has been my best one yet with my highest total of hits, ever! You all are the best and I hope I continue to post things that keep you coming back for more! Until next time, fashion lovers! Have a great day!


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Affordable Spring Accessories

Spring Accessories
  • pastels, fluorescent colors, turquoise, fuchsia    
  • side body bags, clutches, satchels
  • lighter infinity scarves, polka dots, other bold/fun prints
  • arm candy, bubble/statement necklaces

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Recapping the Week!


  1. Michael got himself a library card when we visited the beautiful Central Library in downtown St. Louis.
  2. Bowling night with the gang!
  3. …and karaoke night, too!
  4. My OOTD featuring my Old Navy coral skinny cords.
  5. Sharing my boyfriend with my other main man Rex :)
  6. Snow day sledding! We braved the terrible weather and had a blast!

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