My Christmas List (the real kind, not the dream kind)

Kelsey's Christmas List
Now this list is very very real. I actually asked others for these items! As you all know, I’m a girly girl. I love me some makeup, yummy scented candles, cozy scarves, and any room decor items. I shall further explain my reasoning for the things I asked for below:
  1. room decor — I love picture frames, mirrors, artwork…just about anything to add a little something to my decor.
  2. coffee cups/mugs — OBSESSED. The cuter the better. I can’t live without coffee and I’m really starting to get into herbal teas, so these will come in handy often. Oh, and it would be an added bonus if it was Lilly.
  3. candles — Okay, who doesn’t love candles? Especially from B&BW. I heard the twisted peppermint is to die for!
  4. makeup — This is always on my list. For me, you can never have too much makeup. I love trying new products and experimenting with new looks. I’m super impressed with Revlon’s lip line, so anything along those lines would be fantastic.
  5. nail polish — All day, every day. Preferably Essie and sparkly, please.
  6. Kindle HD — This one is my biggie. I may not get it, but I’d be so thrilled if I did. Reading is my favorite, but I know I’d be able to read so so so much more if I had one of these bad boys.
  7. pajamas — I don’t know if it’s just me, but it’s practically a tradition in my house to get PJs each year. Normally all I get are the pants, but this year I thought I’d be a little bit more grown up and ask for a matching set! I guess it’s not so grown up if there’s snowmen and monkeys on it though, huh? Whatevs. This Nick & Nora line at Target is adorable!
  8. scarves — My all-time favorite. I adore scarves, but especially infinity scarves this year. I want them in all sizes and colors!


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