Styling Ideas: Casual Thanksgiving Looks

Thanksgiving is just days away, and if you’re like me, you’re wracking your brain as to what you’re going to wear. I know some people don’t leave the comfort of their homes all day on Thanksgiving. They stay in their pajamas watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and football all day — lucky you. Others have to get ready to venture out into the brisk November air to see family and friends. If that’s the case, I have some casual looks for you today. Again, some people are very causal on turkey day, while others treat it as a special occasion and get all dolled up. That look will be tomorrow! Today: a casual Thanksgiving look with some of the latest fall trends. Those being…

The ultra comfortable and trendy infinity scarf and combat boot. Hopefully you ladies have these fall staples, if not, they’re in abundance at every store you go to if you’re willing to face that early Christmas crowd. If not, click the photo above to order online. Now on with the styling of these two items!

What could be more casual than leggings and an oversized sweater? Casual, cute, and you can eat all day long and no one will be able to tell with the copious amount of sweater covering your belly :) It’s a win-win, ladies. I’ve chosen some “preppier” or more appropriate to see grandma sweaters, and some more laid back sweaters. Take your pick. Rock what you’d be most comfy in. Then I know there are those ladies like me who love their dresses…

All of these dresses are casual in their own right, or could be dresses up. In our case, we want to make them even more casual. The second you throw on the scarf and the combat boots, I promise you, you wont feel like you’re trying too hard. Promise. Go for a 3/4 length sleeve or sweater dress for some added warmth, or go straight for the sleeveless dress — you can literally wear a scarf with anything these days, even sleeveless dresses!

That’s all for my casual Thanksgiving Day looks. Check back in tomorrow for some dressier styling ideas! I’m off to work on some last minute papers and projects before I can even begin to think about turkey and pumpkin pie. Take care!

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