How-To: Boyfriend Jeans


Now that I covered that, here’s how to wear ’em!

I personally love boyfriend jeans, and they’re probably my favorite style right now. My reasons for loving them are simple — they’re comfy as can be, versatile, and look good on most body types. As you can see, they fit loose all over, and to add some interest and structure, all you have to do is cuff them. They’re versatile because you can literally wear them with Converse to pumps. These jeans are a staple and should be in every women’s wardrobe.

Those are some of my favorite ways to style boyfriend jeans. Although I’ve yet to wear mine with heels (I’ll get there), I usually pair them with flats or flip flops.

Just in case you’re still curious as to what shoes look best with bf jeans (most do), I gave you all a few options.

So, there you have it! Keep the look simple with a t-shirt and cardigan, or dress it up with a button-up and a blazer. Like always, have fun with it!

the kwb

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