Weekend Update

I’m sitting in a Starbucks for the second Saturday night in a row…cliche much? Blame Arijana for dragging me here under false pretenses. She proclaimed she had “so much homework to do!” She’s literally sitting across from me with all of her notes strewn across the table playing a game on her iPhone. God love her. As for me, I finished an entire take-home test. Boom! This isn’t how I pictured my Saturday nights being once I turned 21, but I’ve only got a few more weeks before all the stresses of school are behind me, if only for a month or so. Let me tell you, winter break is going to be amazing. I mean, you should see my reading list. Big things are going to go down. Until then, I’ll be here, at my favorite Starbucks and the library. Motivation. Is. Key. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, and I hope you have an even more wonderful week!

They’re playing Mumford & Sons right now, so my Saturday night really isn’t all that bad after all.

Oh, and here are some shots I took walking around my neighborhood earlier :)

the kwb


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