Fall Essentials Part I

Adorable outfit, right? I know! I’m going to break it down for you and how to pick just the pieces you’ll need to recreate a similar look for yourself with garments you probably already have. If the color combo scares you, don’t worry, you can always tone it down. Personally, I love the bold pops of color and pairing items of different colors really isn’t all that hard. It might look confusing and you might wonder how to mix and match colors and patterns… if so, I did a post a few months back on it and you can check it out here.

All of the clothing examples are from J. Crew. Click the sets to see prices and purchase for yourself. As always, you can pick up these items from a number of more affordable stores, i.e. Old Navy, Forever 21, etc. :)

First thing you’ll need: a patterned/textured button up. This will add overall interest to your outfit and can be used to pull out other key colors you want to incorporate into your ensemble. The above are some of my favorites. Polka dots = love.

Once you’ve chosen your shirt, it’s now time for the sweater! If you picked a bolder, more patterned shirt, then pick a more toned down sweater. This could be a more muted color, or a less busy pattern. If you picked a less bold shirt, draw one of the colors from it and punch it up with the sweater. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns, either. Polka dots or plaid can go with stripes. It’s really just about how bold an item is.

Now for an optional piece — the quilted vest! These are timeless and super “in” right now. I have one in brown as shown here, and I adore it. It’s only going to add to the outfit visually and it’s nice and cozy, too :)

Lastly, the colored pant. The example outfit at the beginning of this post is a perfect representation of how to pull off colored pants with already bright colors and patterns in the shirt and sweater. I’d only wear a bright pant if one of the two options above is more toned down. If you think you’re going to mess it up, stick with a denim or chambray shirt and you can do no wrong.

I hope this was helpful. Remember, don’t be scared of color! Have fun with it!

the kwb


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