Happy Halloween!

I had an entire how-to/styling post ready to go, but I figured reminiscing about Halloween would be more appropriate for today. If you’re here only for the fashion, turn back now. No fashion posts today, only childhood nostalgia.

October is my favorite month of the year. It probably has something to do with the fact that my birthday falls on the 18th, the weather is perfect, and the colors are to die for, but it also has a lot to do with Halloween. Halloween was neck in neck with Christmas my entire childhood. There was nothing quite as exciting as dressing up and going door-to-door with your friends, taking candy from your neighbors. I think I was twelve the last time I went trick-or-treating…that’s an appropriate age, right? It’s kind of sad to think it’s been nine years — wow, I am so old. Now I’m at the age where Halloween is just an excuse to put on a “costume” and party. Never really been my thing. I miss the innocence of it all: the decorating, creating of the costumes, arts and crafts, Halloweentown… A lot of you might cringe, but I look forward to the day I can live vicariously through my future (distant, distant future) kids and help make their Halloween memories as amazing as mine.

So, no candy for Kelsey…just a long day of Halloween-themed shows and movies. Oh, and the highlight of my day: “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” tonight on ABC. That little girl inside of me is never going away. On that note, happy Halloween!

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OOTD: Fall Ruffles

Top: Ralph Lauren — Vest: Forever 21 — Belt: Forever 21 — Jeans: Forever 21 — Watch: Michael Kors — Boots: White Mountain

Well, I’m not wearing sundresses anymore, that’s for sure. Burr! It got downright cold in the span of just a few short hours. I was at school Thursday sweating (in a really cute outfit I forgot to photograph, mind you) my booty off in 85 degree muggy weather, then went to night class for four hours and walked outside to 35 degree weather and pouring rain. Not very fun, and needless to say I did not look so cute anymore. At least it brought in a cold front and the fall-like weather returned for good…I hope.

I thought I would show three very simple ways to wear the very autumn-like outfit above. 1. button-up with quilted vest and belt 2. plain button-up 3. button-up with belt to cinch in the waist.

If you go back a few posts to my ‘Turquoise & Prints‘ OOTD, you’ll see I tried to wear the quilted vest. Tried being the operative word. That was my first OOTD with my new camera and it was clear that I didn’t really have a handle on what I was doing…or how to wear the darned vest. Then it hit me to cinch in my waste with a belt. Too much extra padding doesn’t look good on anyone unless you’re curve-less, which I am not. Thus, the belt — every women’s best friend. I pick up really affordable, skinny belts from Forever 21 all the time. I wear them a few times and then throw them away when they start to show too much wear. They can make any outfit and instantly gives you shape and makes everything look just right.

I think I’m getting better at this whole OOTD thing and I’m going to get back to giving tips and styling ideas like I used to do when I first started the blog. I have a few really good post ideas coming up, so stay tuned! Happy Monday, everyone!

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OOTD: Feeling Like Summer

Dress: Xhilaration// Ring: Forever 21 (old)// Watch: Kohls

Sometimes I wish you all knew what St. Louis weather was like, but I really wouldn’t want to put you through that. Some days it’s beautiful and a perfect fall day. Other times it’s raining cats and dogs with enough humidity to suffocate you. Lately, though, it’s been quite warm…like, 80’s in late October…in the midwest. I digress. The point is that I was able to wear this sleeveless dress and not freeze to death. Actually, I was quite comfortable. I paired the dress with tights and boots as a reminder to everyone, including myself, that we’re a week away from November and it is in fact fall time. I hope all of you enjoy your hump day — rain or shine!

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Birthday Recap

I can’t get over how much fun I had on my birthday! It was my 21st, so I did have what every 21st birthday has and then some. Still, I was overwhelmed with the blessings I have in my life and how much I take things for granted. I truly am lucky and I’m ready to make the most of this new year. I appreciate all of my friends and family for coming out and celebrating with me — I love you all!

As far as my outfit goes, it was super simple: black sleeveless silk top from H&M, black Mossimo blazer, skinnies from Forever 21, black knee-high leather boots from Report, and my Michael Kors watch. Oh, and I did notice as I was going through past birthday photos, that black tends to be my go-to color. Remind me to wear a hot pink dress or something next year, geesh. Take a look for yourself…
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