Ready for Fall?

Am I jumping the gun a little bit with my first fall post? Eh, whether I am or not, I don’t care. I’m more than ready for cooler weather and the color of the leaves changing! Oh, and all of the fashion that comes with this new season. Fall is not only my favorite season, but’s it’s also my favorite season for styling as well. I love the colors and layering and scarves…I am just so ready.

This post will kickstart the first of many fall-related fashion posts since September is just days away. It’s just a little intro to get all of you as excited as I am to dust off your boots and dig out your favorite scarves! AH!

Posts to come:

  • Fall colors
  • Fall prints — mixing and matching
  • Boots
  • Jeans and corduroys  — skinny, cropped, and wide legged, oh my!
  • Scarves and accessories
  • Sweater and cardigans
  • Makeup and hair looks for autumn
  • …possibly some baking, DIY, and personal fall festivity trip posts. When I say “maybe,” I really mean “most definitely.”

[photo credit: a place for art]

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