End of Summer Sales

Can you all believe it’s already August? This summer just flew by. Classes start back up in just two short weeks, so I thought it might be a good idea to hit up some sales and pick up some basics that I can transition into my fall attire. I snagged quite a few key staple items for my wardrobe from the Gap and Old Navy outlet. So, this post will kind of serve as a haul post. I made sure to pick up items that can be worn multiple different ways and can be utilized in the fall and winter months, as well — no strapless tops or white linen pants here. Here we go!

I loved these ruffled tanks! The bright pink and navy polka dots look adorable as-is, but will also look great to dress up a plain cardigan or denim jacket.

Bought for: $5.99

Okay, so I love navy and white… a lot. These two t-shirts are super simple and comfy. I can dress em up and I can dress em down — you get it.

Originally: $12.95

An American flag hoodie! I died.

Bought for: $8.99 (can I get a high five for that deal?!)

I know what you’re thinking, “Floral shorts for fall? Nice try, Kels.” Okay, okay, buuut, they were an awesome deal and I can get a solid two more months out of these before I have to pack them away for next summer.

These are a modest cut with a 3.5″ inseam for those of you wondering where they might hit on your thigh.

Bought for: $13.50 each

My argument from above is still valid, and these shorts are solid.. These also are a modest length with a good 3.5″-4″ inseam. No pulling down on your shorts with these cuties. Oh, and can we talk about how pretty the colors are? L.O.V.E.

Bought for: $11.99 each

I’m obsessed with jeans. To the point where I take inventory of them. It’s pretty bad. Anyway, even with my gazillion pairs of jeans, I did not own a pair of flared jeans. I feel like such an adult now. These jeans fit like a glove and are amazingly slimming.

Style: Premium Flare – dark wash

Bought for: $11.97 (double high five?!)

Every girl needs a lighter wash pair of bootcut jeans, too. They’re so comfy.

They were the same price as the flare jeans.

Of course I bought shoes, too. These cute peep toe beauties were just $9.95!

Well, that was my shopping trip. Be on the lookout for many OOTD’s with these finds. Have a great day!


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