Rock the Red Lips

Ever had the urge to put on that red lipstick that sits in the depths of your makeup bag? Or maybe you’ve tried the whole red lip thing and it wears off after your first sip of coffee? No worries. It’s going to be okay. Any lady can rock a red lip and I’ll show you how…and how to make it last longer!

Start by picking your shade of red

My current favorite shade is Maybelline’s Royal Red

First, moisturize your lips, then put your first coat of red on your lips.

Once your first coat is on, grab some loose powder to put over top of it. This is what makes it last longer.

Tap the powder all of your lips until completely matte.

Now reapply the lipstick.

Voila! If you’d like to add some extra shine or shimmer, feel free to put a topcoat of lipgloss on.

Don’t think you can’t pull off red lips. Red is always classy and as long as you pick the right shade for your skin tone and apply it properly, you can rock it!


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