BCBG Arm Candy

It’s about time I share my love and newest obsession for “stacking.” I’m eventually going to do an entire post on arm candy aka stacking aka bracelets and watch combos (e-mail me at kwolfe1091@yahoo.com with any photos of your arm candy!)…but first, BCBG’s charm bracelets. They’re to. die. for.

I discovered these amazing bracelets about a month or two ago and instantly fell in love. I searched everywhere for them, even venturing into the most upscale mall in the St. Louis area just to check out the actual BCBG store — nada. To my surprise, they were at Macy’s and Dillards all along. There are three different styles: the leather band, jelly band, and the stud charmed band minus the charms. It’s suffice to say I’ve probably confused the heck out of you, so let me show you what I’m talking about.

These are the two bracelets Arijana and I got for one another (aren’t we adorable?!) at Macy’s. Mine (left) says Sweet <3 and Ari’s (right) reads True <3. Seriously, the cutest things, ever, and they come in all sorts of colors and finishes. That was my problem. You can’t give me too many options or I freak out. It took me a good 45 minutes and two different stores on opposite ends of the mall to end up picking the one I originally wanted from the BCBG online store. Typical. They range from $18 to $28 depending on how big the band and charms are. Ours were the $18 ones.

Like I stated earlier, they come in a variety of colors, bands (leather or jelly), finishes (gold, silver, rose gold), and sayings. Some are quite funny, some are downright precious, and others are a bit obnoxious…but, hey, whatever floats your boat. They are the perfect addition to any stacking you want to do, and might I add, they look quite stylish next to that Michael Kors watch, huh?

Okay, a whole blog dedicated to stacking coming soon! Please send me photos and I’ll add them to the blog and credit/link you, too! Happy shopping and stacking!


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