Workout Gear

Well, here’s something I’ve never done before — talking about workout gear. Believe it or not, you can look good when you workout. If you’re not sure where to begin or what to buy, you’ve come to the right place.

When I first started working out, I had no idea what to wear. I usually grabbed a pair of Soffe cotton shorts and an old t-shirt. Needless to say, I’ve learned from my mistakes over the years.

Depending on how comfortable you are wearing certain things, here are a few of my favorite options. There’s a t-shirt, tank, and sports bra. All of which are moisture wicking, which is super important so you’re not drowning in sweat. Ew. Adidas and Nike are no-brainers and you’ll see a lot more of those brands in this post. Another great option that I like to workout in is Victoria’s Secret VSX – Sexy Sport Collection. When shopping for your top, be sure it’s: comfortable, supportive, and moisture wicking. Oh, and try to pick fun colors. If you feel good, you’re going to be more confident and push yourself harder.

Here are my favorite workout bottoms. All I wear are Nike shorts and VS yoga bottoms. Tons of other brands sell great workout bottoms for various budgets. Check out Target or Old Navy for some awesome workout gear deals!

Last, but not least: shoes. I’m obsessed with shoes, but I’m no expert when it comes to athletic shoes. Be sure to tell a sales rep while you’re shopping what it is you’re looking for. They’ll be able to guide you and help you pick the perfect shoe for what you’re wanting to do. These things aren’t cheap, so ask questions and try on as many different brands and styles as possible. I run in a New Balance 790 running shoe, for anyone was wondering.

Well, there you have it. You can look cute and feel comfortable and confident when working out. I’m going to end this entry with an amazing Nike commercial. So powerful.


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