What the Heck is A Peplum?

To be honest, I had no clue until this week. I’ve been going around wearing my newest favorite trend not even knowing what it was called! Shame on me. I suppose I’ll go ahead and fill you in on what in the world a “peplum” is…

Alrighty, I looked it up for all of us. Go ahead, read the definition.

Now that you know what it means, it’s time for me to show you what spring’s latest trend looks like.

I mean, when the definition of a word describes itself as “flouncy,” you know it’s going to be adorable. This is it, ladies — a peplum. To me, it is perfectly girlie and one of the most flattering pieces to wear. Like with any new trend, you can pick yourself up a peplum top, dress, or skirt at any major retailer — from high-end prices to Forever 21 prices. They’re everywhere.

I thought I bought my first peplum top about a month ago at H&M for $12.99, but as I was lazily looking through old Facebook photos I realized I was wearing this trend back in high school. As much as it pains me to show you any kind of photo from my high school days, I’m going to for the love of fashion.

I wore this 80’s looking purple dress for one of my homecoming dances. Little did I know then that it would be such a trendy item today. I’m always ahead of the game, what can I say? All kidding aside, I chose the dress because I found it to fit very well and flatter my body. It cinches in at your waist and flares out to cover your hips, which every woman loves. I still have the dress hanging in the depths of my closet, but unfortunately it’s a little too big now. Very sad.

Again, I was going through photos and I also came across a more recent photo of myself from last summer wearing a peplum skirt. Come to think of it, I also bought this skirt at H&M. Gosh, I love that store.

I’m going to have some fun and recap all of my spring trends and tips I’ve talked about so far. Here they are:

  • Bright handbags
  • Floral prints
  • Primary colors
  • Pastel/nature-inspired colored nails
  • Fun prints (Lilly Pulitzer, Vera Bradley)
  • Be unique, have fun, and try new things!

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