Florals for Spring? How Original.

Florals in spring might not be original, but it’s a must. Nothing makes me more happy than putting on a floral top, dress, skirt… you get the picture. This season florals have even ventured on to pants! It’s bold and daring, but if you can pull it off, it’s absolutely charming. Alas, here is my spring floral breakdown.
The Perfect Top 

My friends and I took a nice little trip to the St. Louis Zoo this past week. The weather was  gorgeous and we all had the urge to put on cute, springy outfits and be in the sun. My best friend Arijana hit the nail on the head when she chose to wear an adorable floral top from Abercrombie & Fitch. She paired the top with a pair of denim shorts, a belt, and a comfy pair of Sperry Top Siders.

Get the Look

The Perfect Dress

Spring is the time when you can dig out your sundresses and never really have to worry about putting together an entire outfit again until fall. They’re simple, yet say so much. Just throw one on and head out the door! This dress is one of my favorite floral dresses out of the ten or so I seem to have bought for the season. Like Arijana’s top, the dress is also from A&F. They know what they’re doing when it comes to picking the perfect florals, that’s for sure.

The Perfect Pant

Just like I promised, I’ll be showing you what it looks like to wear florals on your pants. The thought of it might sound crazy, and just like with any pattern, too much can ruin the look.

To the left you can see one of my favorite fashion bloggers, Rachel, from Pink Peonies, sporting this tasteful new trend. She didn’t take it overboard and paired it with a simple oxford and nude wedges. If you’re going to try pants like this, make them the main focus. Pull out some of the colors in the pant with accessories, like she did with her clutch.

Spring is all about having fun and trying new things with your style. Don’t be shy, and definitely don’t shy away from spring’s staple of florals.


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