Spring Break Swimwear

I know all of you girls are frantically trying on different kinds of swimsuits in hopes of finding the perfect one for your spring break vacation. Search no further than right here. I’ll break down wearing patterns, flattering styles, and mixing and matching your pieces to create new looks. Grab your flip flops and suntan lotion and get ready to have fun in the sun!

Let’s face it, when you’re on the beach the last thing you want to do is feel uncomfortable and unconfident. The first thing to combat these unwanted feelings is finding a suit that fits you well. It all starts with your body shape. Not everyone can wear string bikinis, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still look great.

In the set above you can see I pulled together four flattering, yet stylish one-piece suits for the ladies not eager to show off their midriff. The top two suits show great ways to add interest to what can be a boring one-piece. One-pieces can be fun and flirty, too! The bow detail in both and the polka dots in the second suit are fun and draws the eye away from trouble areas. Also, when searching for a one-piece, look for suits that have ruching. Ruching is simply when fabric is draped together. The bottom two suits are perfect examples. They help shape the body and again, draw attention away from your trouble areas.

Now I’m going to delve into different style two-pieces, patterns, and the fun of mixing and matching. I know some people (myself included) who buy countless swimsuits each spring/summer season and spend a hefty penny doing so. There’s really no need. All you need is a few basics and you can go all spring and summer long with fun and different looks.

Alrighty, let’s take a look at the pink, ruffled suit. Ruffles are always a smart style choice when picking a swimsuit, not only because it’s classy and adorable, but it also does wonders for those of you who aren’t blessed with a large chest. With this one swimsuit, you can then pair the bottoms with the pink and yellow floral push-up shown on the right. Keep one of your pieces a basic, solid color and then choose a fun print for the other. The blue bandeau  top and the bright floral bottom is another perfect example of doing this. The top is another great choice for those who don’t have much of a chest, and it’s a solid. Then the bright floral bottom ties in the royal blue and adds interest. Lastly, you can never go wrong with a teeny, tiny, yellow polka dot bikini.

Remember to think before you buy and have fun picking out your swimwear. Let me break down what you should look for before you go shopping one more time to make things a bit easier on you busy ladies.

  • ruching
  • added embellishment (bows, ties, buttons, etc.)
  • flattering styles (ruffles, bandeau, halter, push-up)
  • fun patterns
  • basic, solid colored piece


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